Autumn is a sad song

Wait for a second, when the dawn is broken by the first warm sunlight after  last night’s storm, and the breeze breathes through your hair, settle your mind and touch your cheek. All you know right at that time is just keeping silent and  listen to a song that only you know, Autumn.

You decided to jog along the beautiful and stunning river every sunset or sunrise, after the storm and the whole vast paddy field in the autumn aches with calmness.
You saw a herd of cows chewing on the wild grass along the river bank, a hen and her chick wandering not far from few children who are relaxing out on a front yard that is surrounded by greenery. They gave you their fresh smiles, innocent waving hands and manyvoices scream “hello”, some average aged women looked at you as if you are an alien with your earphones protruding from your ears… you wondered when you had become a foreigner to your own country, and a stranger to yourself. Then you left the question behind. Like an ellipsis.
You took a drive on the main highway of the province, that feeling, sunset was behind you and the full-moon light covered you with its own glow. Imagine that you were being right between two parallel worlds, kept repeating to yourself that you have just only one way to go, so go forwards.

You know where you can find all of those infinite moments?

…somewhere in Phong Nha.


Wait for a second, when the dawn is broken by the first warm sunlight after last night’s storm, and the the breeze breathes through your hair, settle your mind and touch your cheek. All you know right at that time is just keeping silent and listen to a song that only you know, Autumn.

[Words and content by Chi Jade Tran]


By the night


At the very first time I came to Phong Nha Rustic Home, the most impressive thing is the lane that walking parallel to 5 adjacent rooms, narrow but pretty.

The lane evoked something comfortable in me with its overall layout: bright green grass aside to blue gray stones by the straight line of  hollowed hexagonal cement blocks. There was variety of flora planted along one side of the lane. Hang on the eye-catching yellow orange wall, there were a carvings wood painting that based on the Abstract, and a Happy Buddha wood mask… It was in the first day of August. Sunshine stretched over on the ground and the summer wind still blew so hardly.

Now when everything fell into the dark,  it became quite different. Fabric lanterns that swung and aligned along the overhanging eaves of the brick roofs, had became the highlight center of the small corner called Phong Nha Rustic Home in Phong Nha town.

Through quiet and peaceful atmosphere, the lantern light still danced delightfully in its own way.

Although it has been one month of living and working here,  I still feel strange and surprised about everything.

The night wind blew gently, I stood in the middle aisle and got no wonder about what brought me to that place.

Just be and feel like home.

[Words and content by Chi Jade Tran]

Another nostalgia

Quang Binh’s unique rural homestay and restaurant is an eye-catching adjacent building located to amazing Phong Nha cave.

Highway 20, Phong Nha village, Son Trach commune, Bo Trach district, Quang Binh




In July 2016 Phong Nha Rustic Home officially opened its door at Highway 20. Located Phong Nha tourism center 3 km. The homestay is set up 2 main sides with a facade restaurant adjacent to 5 single and double rooms.

The overall layout is built and created with a definte Vietnam rural style.

Phong Nha Rustic Home is also known as a good local restaurant that served by efficient and friendly, English-speaking staffs.

Come enjoy with us whether you are leisure or business traveler!

Just feel like at home along the wild roads in beautiful Phong Nha village.

How to find us?


So just follow the track!

Air: The closest service is via Vietnam Airlines to Dong Hoi with flights to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam Airlines, VietJet Air, and Jetstar Pacific Airlines).

Train: Several arrivals and departures at Dong Hoi daily from as far away as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, only a few hours from Hue.

Bus: A local bus goes from Dong Hoi to Phong Nha for 35,000 dong. It departs at 14:00 from Nam Ly bus station. The bus back to Dong Hoi leaves Phong Nha at 8:00, so you have to either stay overnight or try to go back with one of the tour buses.

Motorbikes: Motorbikes can be rented for 150,000 dong from hotels in Dong Hoi. It takes about 1 hour via a highway that has little traffic: the Phong Nha cave is about 45 km from Dong Hoi and the Thien Duong (Paradise) Cave is about 70 km from Dong Hoi.

Taxis: can be hired from hotels/resorts, airport or train station in Dong Hoi. About 1 hour on a highway with cars, oxcarts, motorbikes, buses, trucks.

All of those transportation options will lead you to Phong Nha town. From there, you can rent a motorbike for 150 000 atThang Travel servicethat is also a trusty mechanic store, the price includes tax and insurance. It takes around 5-10 minutes to come to Phong Nha Rustic Home southerly.


See more clearly through the map link below

Phong Nha Rustic Home maps to go



  • Take a walk along Son river, 600m from our place. There’s a stop place to swim and contemplate Phong Nha cave from the other side of Son river.
  • Enjoy fun games like dart games, wooden puzzles, cards etc.
  • Chill out at our pretty yard with beer and local foods.

The view


Please contact us through one of these ways below.

Phone number Mr Thang (+84) 1644.780.380


Facebook l/vn/phong-nha-rustic-home.en-gb.html?label=gen173nr-1DCAso9AFCFXBob25nLW5oYS1ydXN0aWMtaG9tZUgzYgVub3JlZmj0AYgBAZgBLsIBA2FibsgBDNgBA-gBAagCBA;sid=48b3704ac423d9137bf38ceec4ff63ea;dcid=12;dist=0&sb_price_type=total&type=total&


Our chef is our mom, in late 50 years old. After retirement of her private business that is a small local food store set up in Phong Nha market for many years, she becomes the restaurant’s head cook now.

With years of  being a local food store owner experience, Mrs Phu and 2 other vice-cooks, Phong Nha Rustic Home is known as a good local restaurant that will evoke your nostalgia with our memorable and delicious Vietnamese rural style dishes.


Though the restaurant is set in among nowhere (not a metaphor), we are always ready to serve you our best foods that the flavors may go along with you after ever.

We are really thankful for what we have right here, all dishes made with high quality cooking equipments and by rustic heart.

One of our new brand parts called “What a Vietnamese meal” that contains 4 Vietnamese local dishes and steamed rice.

We set up new menu once each every 2 days with a variety of ingredient, recipe and style.

No need to settle down. Just come and have your “What a Vietnamese meal” at our place!13988873_517723501750634_936344630_n



Phong Nha Rustic Home is located right in the tourist center in Quang Binh province, 3 km from Ho Chi Minh East Trail and 2km from the pretty hustle town known as Phong Nha town.


The homestay is loacted approximately 1 km Phong Nha cave and 8 km Botanical  Garden. It’s easy to catch us up on the road to both of those beautiful destinations.


Our staffs

We are an united and friendly combination that almost every member is relative or knows each other so well. From the receptionist and the bartender to the head cook and cleaners.

We don’t have waiter because each every one can be a proffessional waiter right here.