By the night


At the very first time I came to Phong Nha Rustic Home, the most impressive thing is the lane that walking parallel to 5 adjacent rooms, narrow but pretty.

The lane evoked something comfortable in me with its overall layout: bright green grass aside to blue gray stones by the straight line of  hollowed hexagonal cement blocks. There was variety of flora planted along one side of the lane. Hang on the eye-catching yellow orange wall, there were a carvings wood painting that based on the Abstract, and a Happy Buddha wood mask… It was in the first day of August. Sunshine stretched over on the ground and the summer wind still blew so hardly.

Now when everything fell into the dark,  it became quite different. Fabric lanterns that swung and aligned along the overhanging eaves of the brick roofs, had became the highlight center of the small corner called Phong Nha Rustic Home in Phong Nha town.

Through quiet and peaceful atmosphere, the lantern light still danced delightfully in its own way.

Although it has been one month of living and working here,  I still feel strange and surprised about everything.

The night wind blew gently, I stood in the middle aisle and got no wonder about what brought me to that place.

Just be and feel like home.

[Words and content by Chi Jade Tran]

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