Our chef is our mom, in late 50 years old. After retirement of her private business that is a small local food store set up in Phong Nha market for many years, she becomes the restaurant’s head cook now.

With years of  being a local food store owner experience, Mrs Phu and 2 other vice-cooks, Phong Nha Rustic Home is known as a good local restaurant that will evoke your nostalgia with our memorable and delicious Vietnamese rural style dishes.


Though the restaurant is set in among nowhere (not a metaphor), we are always ready to serve you our best foods that the flavors may go along with you after ever.

We are really thankful for what we have right here, all dishes made with high quality cooking equipments and by rustic heart.

One of our new brand parts called “What a Vietnamese meal” that contains 4 Vietnamese local dishes and steamed rice.

We set up new menu once each every 2 days with a variety of ingredient, recipe and style.

No need to settle down. Just come and have your “What a Vietnamese meal” at our place!13988873_517723501750634_936344630_n